Who we are

First and foremost, Integrated RM operates with integrity unmatched within the collection industry.  With strict codes of conduct, adhering to each specific provincial collection act, each collector is monitored daily to ensure we do not tarnish our clients image in any way.

If your current collection agency can not provide you with proof that they hold valid and current licenses to collect in the provinces that your debtors are located… it’s time to find a new agency that does.

If we do not collect, NO Fees are charged!

Unique Offerings Time and Cost Saving Benefits
Fully licensed and bonded in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba You do not have to work with multiple agencies
We provide reports every Friday You know exactly what is going on with your debtor
Our contract is only six months Agencies typically hold your debt(s) for a full year
Collect over 80% of all debts within 60 days Recover receivables quickly
Integrated RM does all the data entry No lengthy forms to fill out
Credit Bureau reporting on debtors that refuse to discuss or pay In most cases this is key to get debtors to discuss and resolve debt
If court is only option to collect, we typically know within 30 days and will withdraw at no charge If it is self evident that this is your only option, you have the opportunity to get paid faster via court action

Memberships and Associations:

  • TransUnion provides skip tracing and credit bureau reporting

Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can prove to you a long lasting partnership with Integrated RM is both cost effective and frees up your time so you can focus on sales and services rather than collections.